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On Point Fitness Studio | Cupping Therapy
On Point Fitness Studio | Cupping Therapy
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Cupping Therapy


What is Qi – Frequently translated in Chinese medicine as “natural energy”, “life force”, or “energy flow” found within your spiritual self.  


Excess weight is based on many factors such as a sluggish metabolism, stress, hormone imbalances, excessive intake of unhealthy food with low nutritional value and insufficient exercise. Cupping therapy can cause the free movement of the Qi in the body by creating suction on specific points where the Qi might stagnate, thus promoting weight loss.

Stimulation from cupping therapy can also result in the release of stress and anxiety, eliminate water retention, remove toxins from the body, stimulate the digestive system, control food cravings and promote effective metabolism and bowel movements. All these factors when combined lead to weight loss.

Though, the amount of weight loss could vary from patient to patient and on the initial weight; Acupuncturists recommend number of sessions and duration as per individual patient may be required.